General what I’m up to these past couple of weeks

Work has really picked up in the last few even with company trying to cut my hours so I’ve been pretty busy with that bit. Seems I may be allergic to the cottonwoods or just cities in general.. But for the most part I’ve been feeling pretty good up until the other week. Got bit of a cold. Seemed to be gone but now it’s my chest..had a fever but managed to kick the fever without more medication. I hate doctors. So now it’s been over a week and I still have a cough.. Not sleeping is the most predominate reason I get sick. I have things I take (meds) and stuff that I do to try to make it happen. I do yoga, hot baths, meditate, ect and it all helps. But without the medication I won’t fully sleep. And even with the meds I sometimes will only sleep for 4-6 hours and then be up. But any sleep at this point is fine by me! So sick again, haven’t called out of work or anything, I’ve a lot of classes to teach and if I can – I absolutely need to work. So what if I can barely talk or feel like shit. Just need to get the job done. Maybe at some point in life I’ll have the ability to just chill and relax back when I not feeling well. But not today and not right now.

My good buddy Reuben is relocating to Seattle *sniffle* in a week so I  have been trying to spend a lot of my free time with him since it may be a bit before I see him again. Another good friend is back in town due to bills (she didn’t want to come back sadly) so though the change isn’t what she wanted I sure enjoy seeing her again! Just wish wasn’t for quite these reasons. So when not working or sleeping I spend my time trying to balance being there for the friends that need me and some quality time with myself or friends who aren’t in need of my emotional help. It can be quite the juggling act. River has been going back and forth from super well-behaved and excellent as my right hand dog or just plan sassy brat-ness that makes me just growl at her and toss her in the crate. Guess we are re-evaluating our work relationship  a bit.. ugh all these changes even with the damn dog!

Nothing has come of the Pilates job as of yet and with my crazy hours at the pet store no one is interested in me for part-time so for the moment I have put other jobs on hold until I have a better picture of what my schedule is like. But the good news is I have had a serious jump in the amount of clients I get buying classes and coming in. So I am still slowly making it in this world. My back seems to have stabilized with the medication, exercise and bodywork I have been using. So that is awesomeness for the moment 🙂

Tonight I am cooking dinner for Suzi (Mom’s sister) or better known as “the orange aunt” since she is staying with me for the night after dropping cousin Hanna at her Girl scout camp in the valley. Even 3000 miles away from the farm I manage to keep a ‘something is always going on’ schedule ha!

Good Medicine ~ J


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