A Quote

I came across this quote the other day. I thought at first was just another silly touchy feely quote going around but upon thinking about I was wrong. It was something that Mom would have said. It was something like some most respected people in my life have said. So I paid attention.

Then I decided the Facebook page made for Mom needed something like this on it, so I posted the quote and then added  my own take on it. ~ “Mom said things like this; I think many of us can be the persons she believed possible and make the world to be a better place if we can move ourselves from the depths of our own suffering to help others and keep open the possibility for change even in the darkest of times, to not let our own despair dampen what joy we do have and to find the sacred act of living in every moment of everyday to the fullest.”

I posted it on my own page on Facebook  and rather quickly people were telling me how beautiful I was which I believe nothing of the like. Then a friend texted me saying thank you so much, I really needed that quote right now (her life has some large changes happening) it has changed my entire thought process on things right now. I felt good that I had been able to make a difference even though I haven’t spoken to my friend on the east coast in six months now.

Everyday I fight through the bullshit of common life, the pain in my head and in my bones, the distance from everything that I hold dear, I fight to stay honest and speak with integrity in a world that is corrupted and spiraling into chaos. I fight to give my bothers and Janna the same possibility that Mom gave us ~ LIFE lived in its fullest and dreams that are made into reality and not the despairing reality many of us have now. Not the damaging circle we stay in because of “what was” and not taking the first step of responsibility to step back from it. I fight to be the example of what IS and all its possibilities.

I cannot bring myself to believe that I am “a beautiful person”  like this quote says but I try to be honest in my life.


One thought on “A Quote

  1. This is a beautiful quote. I would also not say that I am a “beautiful person” (I am very hard on myself, no matter what others may say about me), but that I try to be as honest as it is possible in life. Some days are not the best, but I do the best that I can. If I need a day to myself to think about things and let something cook, I take it. I’m a much better person and better able to care for others when I take care of myself on certain aspects first. You are very strong, and I have always held you in great respect for your honesty and openness.

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