My 4th of July with Talkeetna

Talkeetna Alaska! It’s a little touristy town in the Denali area that is cute and quant where three major rivers come together making it a prime fishing place! The little town also boasts the “moose dropping festival” and home of the “”Travel Channel’s Man vs Food~ In season 2 episode 16, they travel to the Roadhouse, a restaurant in Talkeetna to sample their one of a kind breakfast dishes. Also featured is West Rib Pub & Cafe.”” While in all reality the only reason it’s near as nice as it is probably because of the ‘food channel’  it’s a fun place to visit and chill in because of the wilderness around it. ~remember all pictures can be brought up to full size by clicking on them~

Below is a close up of the water where the rivers meet. It was raining on and off all day around the area. Soon as Reuben and I pulled up to the “beach” area the clouds opened up sending the tourists and other people scrambling for cover and leaving us and the few “tough” people to enjoy the views! Our timing was perfect I must say *Smile*


The beach was nice with its pebbled shores and open air feel. The clouds were doing some very cool light tricks that looked more akin to something out of Lord of the Rings than small town Alaska.

I took this rather dramatic picture of Reuben in the rain 🙂 Looking very Jo-cool with his shades and wet hairdo. The picture isn’t screwed up – its individual raindrops! Go camera

And me of course! In my Tracker hat and cool leather coat (I was feeling a cold coming on so I tried to stay warm). Reuben comment that I looked very “Alaskan” with my hat plaid and leathers…LOL

River of course was present and having a great time getting quite wet! I snapped this funky angle picture as she paused momentarily on the rocks.

The pebbled shores of the beach! The rocks were very engrossing to both Reuben and I. Some weren’t all the way wet and we watched the colors change as the rain fell. Was a nice experience.

The clouds put on a light show that I as I now reflect upon, it was like nature’s fireworks for while the sun was out (up here it doesn’t really get dark enough for fireworks on the 4th…). The rays of the sun coming though the clouds, dancing on the dappled water surface and creating a drama worthy of Shakespeare. Was very beautiful.

The camera did a pretty good job of capturing the rays from the sun filtering through the rain clouds, but I must say it was way better in person!

Reuben on the log left over from long ago. It was the only one out along this part of the river.

Close up of the log. It’s obviously well-loved among the people and many have left their mark on it.

Reuben against the brilliant backdrop!

And…Me on the log. I like all these cool ancient logs up here! I am drawn to sit upon them and think deeply.

River and I smelling the air, feeling the wind in our hair, tasting the rain drops as they fell on our heads.

I took quite a few photos of the plant life in all its glory around the area. Like these yellow ferns! I love ferns. I would have a garden of ferns before flowers or roses. For whatever reason they are very appealing to me.


Riverbank Fireweed (I believe). It’s so pretty! The other Fireweed grows much taller out among fields and woods like grass, whereas the Riverbank Fireweed is much more shrub like and low-lying.

Closeup of petals against a white speckled rock. I love the contrast of the vivid color on mundane off white! (click for full size!) I got pretty camera happy at this point *smile*

Closeup of the Fireweed Flower. I’ve never really photographed plants or flowers closeup (or much at all) I think I did a fair job of it. For a “weed” these guys sure are pretty!

A very wet River sniffing river rocks! She really enjoys the outings though doesn’t pose for pictures well..

“Arctic Lupine” is a gorgeous periwinkle flower that grows like dandelions here.

Raindrops on leaf. I forget which plant this leaf belongs to..I was more interested in the water drops at the time. It was no longer raining and just misty and humid.

The Arctic Lupine up close! I love the detail here ~even the little cobweb!!!

A patch of Arctic Lupine along with the cottonseed seeds. Arctic Lupine is not an edible flower though some types of Lupinus flowers are and used in place of soy.

As I mention before, Talkeetna is a little odd.. like this sign for instance.


  Talkeetna is full of pretty little touches that often only touristy towns have. Like flower boxes on restaurant windows, little flower gardens on the street corners and cute mushrooms like this! Love it even though I’d never have the time nor need for such little things I do enjoy them. Kudos to the people of Talkeetna for making it looking extra pretty in the summer.


Cute artsy things like these painted and decked out moose were all over the place!

Gravel patio for one of the coffee shops. Complete with colored moose, flower boxes and lawn chairs 🙂

This was the sign for the only bar & pub in town! Poor River wasn’t welcome (though someone did say if she was drinking age she could come in). We put miss River in the car and found one of the eatery’s that was open that also had a menu to our tastes. The Sky High Pie (pizza) was appealing to Reuben but I wasn’t as interested. We ended up at the Rib Shack with the Axe Ale that was very tasty for a light beer and boasted a 9.2% alcohol volume! For a light beer made with honey that is impressive!

For our grand final of light shows there was this eye dropping double rainbow that kicked most firework shows asses! The camera doesn’t capture the light and intensity of the colors. But this is one of the better shots.

The three wet travelers! A postcard worthy picture! I took this of us from a reflection on the hostel front windows. The camera died (batteries) immediately after taking this shot, thus ending my happy snapping and sentencing me to try to remember the details for late! Was overall a great trip and awesome 4th that didn’t include bars, bonfires or people. (and only dinner and a 1/2 tank of gas).


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