Possible changes

The summer is half over, the days will slowly get shorter and the rain more frequent. The world is always changing it seems.  The cotton seeds are falling and blowing all over the place (seriously sometimes one feels as if she cannot breath with all the fluff in the air). I’ve an interview for another job as a part-time Pilates instructor (wouldn’t that be interesting?) to bring in some more income and better my own physical health (the whole core strength thing you know). I’ve my fingers crossed for this would be really good because my current job as a dog trainer for pet~smart is not giving me consistent hours nor trying very hard to do so. So after months waiting for things to “get better” and meetings and finally calling in the district manager to see what and was possible..they’ll get their butts in gear or I’ll be looking at a different line of work very shortly. Ah more possible changes. But for now I will remain the dog trainer and hope that this part-time gig works out!

Sadly I seem to be getting sick again..after close to two wonderful months of not being sick I’m pretty bummed out about this. I take an ungodly amount of vitamins and healthy food on a daily basis. But it seems to be rather hard for me to stay un-sick. I think the stress of the job and the whole adjusting to city life are at large here! Either way I have an apt with Dr. Chris tomorrow (was originally just a check in for meds) but if I need something stronger than vitamin C I’ll get it. Really can’t have strep for the third time this year..just can’t do it. Or whatever cough condition I’ve had four times… SO anyone feel like sending me some healthy thoughts? Pass em this way it seems I need them!

Well I have to prepare for said stressful job (and it’s not the dogs that bite me, teaching classes to people who maybe should have a thought a little bit more on whether or not they needed to get a puppy right now..or dealing with crazy owners that I find stressful – it’s the company). But I have more photos and adventures to mention! River and I stay busy with things to do 🙂


2 thoughts on “Possible changes

  1. Hey, so we were talking about your flower pictures, and, to be more specific, I especially liked the ones with the stones in the background.

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