Ode to the Journey

I wrote this a few weeks ago as a status update – but it was to long so I posted as a note, and then worked on it some more and this is what came out!


It’s the longest road that we have to walk alone. Twisting and turning, dark and hidden, on the edge of reason and all that we know. It’s the path unknown friends leave you behind on.  They’ll say come “this way” only to leave you behind, she’ll point out the direction without knowledge of where it goes, He’ll insist IT is the way. It’s the decisions we make when everyone else disagrees. The actions we take when everyone else shake their heads sadly and throw up their hands in vain with words of “what can we do”. It’s the words we speak when the rest feel that it is pointless and the words of hurt that we quietly let go so as to not cause more pain. All of this and more is the journey some of us know to be life that the world perpetually seeks as it happens under their very noses unnoticed and forgotten. It’s the holy grail of life, it’s the gold in the mine, it’s the dream within dreams, one’s heart’s desire never known to its body. It’s the truth seekers that take the journey wherever it goes; far from everyone, everything – they know and love in the name of survival of the soul. To the journey and to have the strength to prevail when all else has failed. It’s taking the daily grind and refusing to give in and give up. Not just taking the first step but the last as well. It’s about keeping to the journey even when in appearance all doors are closed and the end is near. Even when the path is stagnant and stale, the people interchangeable and shallow, the hardships overbearing and the light distant. It’s the journey of life and having the mind that you cannot not take it for else your condemned to a life of ignorance and despair. Seek the truths of life. Live the journey and never take a step back.

~an ode to myself


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