Shed some light

Where the posts? Whats happening in Joannie’s world??? Well this will be a quick note which hopefully will be followed by a much more in-depth one..

As I mention in the last post I was horribly sick 😦 Lorien was here visiting 🙂 Dad fixed the car 🙂

Well..the car stopped working. Again. I went to the ER for reasons I’m still not sure of.. I thought both me and the car were working better! The car is really fixed this time, they still don’t know whats wrong with me..but I’m almost done with my antibiotics and feel pretty good (except for that one time when I randomly was in serious pain and went to the emergency room a few days back..)

Sadly Lorien has left. And even sadder River my dog is in the doggie ER :(( She got into trash and has blockage. I really am trying to stay positive that she doesn’t need surgery. My baby, my poor poor baby. I feel awful and like a bad Mom for not keeping a closer eye on her. I’ll know in the morning if she will progress to surgery.  Stress with work, friends, family and money have left me feeling very drained and icky. With Lorien gone, River in the vets and confused as to how I can’t seem to stay healthy for very long – I feel pretty damn awful emotionally right now. I’m going to miss Lorien like hell! I feel sane with her. No one else can do that for me. And now even my dog isn’t here. Tonight will be long. Tomorrow I need some new light. Shed some light on this negativity. Shed some light on my puppy, she needs it. Me too it seems. And shed some light on this world. I try not to read the world news, but sometimes I see it when I am checking emails…Moms trying to sell their daughter’s.. More Tornadoes ripping things up. More senseless shootings in some random town. I Guess everything needs some light.

May a light be lit for you.  ~J


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