All I need is not all I want

Life is always changing and I am no stranger to goodbyes. Still, saying goodbye to a good friend and co worker as she moves across the states isn’t easy. When you take into account that I don’t have many friends like her and certainly not in Alaska makes it harder. But I am very greatful for the time I did have with Emi. I can only hope we’ll keep in touch, it seems some people never fully exit your life no matter the miles but others can walk out and live next door but are farther away than the Moon when all is said and done.  I guess it’s in the details and how we let them affect us as time and distance move us. I can only hope my impact on people is that of which is good and worthy of the short time we do have.

Lately I’ve been continually faced with all that I need is not all that I want. I want my car to run again, I want two days off so I can freaking hike in ALASKA (camp too). I want a big dog in my life ( I miss mine) and so many other things. But all I need, I have. A job. A room. Clothes.  Food for River and me.  I am even lucky enough to have a few friends (not including miss Emi) here in town. So I’ve all I need. Want is a little different!

I’ll probably add more later


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