Is really pretty out. The long days of light are already noticeable and it’s just started! The animals are coming out of their burrows and dens. I expect baby moose sightings may soon be had. The foothill range that back Anchorage is always doing something amazing with it’s peaks. Clouds, fog, mist and blowing snow are often casting shadows and interesting contrasts. The weather is a damp 40-60 degree day and chillier nights. I love it. I wish had a bit more time to go on about the sights, but I had to put something up about it. Work has me busy these days so I’ve less time to catch the dancing cloud formations. But I smile when I do. I have my window open a lot, I hear the birds, they are very different from the ones in Eastern Tennessee. I don’t always know whether the sounds I’m hearing are even birds, some of them are rodents and the Ravens can make some strange noises. It’s very cool to to try match the sound with the animal.

Today the light on the mountains is a sight to behold. I smile at smell of last nights rain and the clouds drifting along the peaks.


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