A Quicker for you

My life has taken a busy turn – not for the worst though! I was sick as I mentioned in my last post and am slowly getting better. I’m pretty sure just not sleeping is what got me sick. I have a date set up with a therapist in May that is supposed to help me figure out how to cope with such things. I’m also busy with Physical therapy to try to help me back and other fun appointments that seem to take way more time than they should! Good news is that Dentist found nothing wrong with my teeth and I won’t  have to grace his office again for another six months YAY!

Occasionally my car has an over heating fit that I’m trying to figure out..since changing the oil is beyond me it’s quite a task..thankfully there are people in my life who know about these things and try their best to help 🙂 So Thank you Dave Williams and friend Nathan that put up with my phone calls and come fix my car and make it run again without blowing up.

So cranky cars, meds that mess with my moods and make me ADD like you’ve never seen.. Doctor appointments (and bills) out the wazoo and just plain bills…I’m still kicking and still busy as ever. I had a for real date the other night, it was kinda cool. Haven’t had one of those in…(place large sum of time) and it was interesting, that bit of time for one evening is what most people are striving for and obsessing over in life.. didn’t seem like that big of a deal to me! Clean one’s self up, look good (or as good as one can possibly look) have a drink, watch a movie, get a bite to eat with the hopefully attractive opposite sex and if your lucky you’ll have something interesting to talk about. Not that hard. Or at least not in skewed world. I did have fun though 🙂 don’t know if he’ll ever go out with me again but hey Life is about the Journey so that’s okay with me. I’m hoping to write a bit about my wonderful new casa including some pictures soon! But right now I have to jet off to PT.


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