Chronic pain

So some of you may have heard a little bit about my back and hip pain. For those of you who might be confused I’ll back track a bit.. In 2002 I had a horse flip over and land on me – yes land and not fall… Thereby fracturing my pelvis in 4 places and my tail along with my collar-bone. While everything ‘healed’ I still had problems and other injuries because of the original one. Throughout my teens I repeatedly sprained my ankles and dislocated my left hip. I also had some of the worst shin splints a kid can have. I learned many many tricks to managing and dealing with joint and bone pain. Now fast forward to now and all those tricks, massage and chiropractic aren’t doing quite what they used to. Add new weird back pain and Joannie goes to the doctor to find out what is happening. Both hips dislocated at will and spots in my pelvis that shouldn’t move do. I’ve unhealed fractures in my lower spine. The chronic pain worsening wasn’t all in my head. At the moment I’m doing a few different therapies to try to help the problem and ease the pain. I’m managing the pain right now with medication and diet primarily. Many people were against me trying medication. I understand the concerns but as someone who has lived with pain since she was a kid, I think I can tell you when it’s beyond my ability to function with it. And honestly the pain was depressing me more than life and its shitty self here lately. So The last week or so I’ve been spacey about writing on here, returning phone calls and such because of lack of sleep and adjusting to the new meds. I’m officially a space cadet! The sleep thing is still pretty bad and I’m set up to see a doctor about it in the near future. But as chronic pain goes, I have it, been having it and it’s not pretty. So if anyone wants to send some blue and green light to my lower back feel free! And while I know many are concerned with the medication, I just ask that you have some faith in me! I’m a little too hard-headed to be a full fledge addict..


One thought on “Chronic pain

  1. I’ve dealt with chronic pain myself for a very long time and I think you know how to deal with meds. The problem with being our age is that doctors, family, and friends assume that we are supposed to be invincible and if we get meds we will want to get “high.” I, too, know when I have reached my own limits and I agree with you that pain can be more depressing than anything! The worst for me was having a bad stomach ulcer for a month with bleeding and weight loss and I wasn’t allowed to have over-the-counter meds (they would exacerbate the bleeding), and doctors wouldn’t give me narcotics because of my age (they assumed I would turn into a junkie- really how much can one person take? And at their age it’s much easier to get good pain stuff! And then they really don’t need it!). Glad you have found some relief, and I hope the injuries/chronic pain gets fixed for the long run 🙂

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