I know.. Life Journey needs an editor

No one has to point out how bad my grammar is. And trust me people it was worse if you can believe that! Please accept my apologies and if it still bothers you I can always add you to blog as a author and let YOU edit my writing. I am aware of my poor editing jobs but since this is a PERSONAL site and the purpose of it is for me to write everything that I can, editing is far from my mind when I’ve got words and sentences doing acrobats in my head trying be the first typed out! I started this blog purely to MAKE myself write. Hence the none linear and mixed matched posts of subject and time line.  I can only hope that my grammar skills and editing improves as I write more. But I wouldn’t hold your breath. I was once told by a very smart lady that a writer that can convey emotions and make the reader feel as she does and writes purely from within is a skill that cannot be taught but a good editor anyone can eventually learn to be… So this is what I tell myself when my lazy ways bother me and I begin to think that maybe I need to try harder to write better. At the moment just writing is hard enough, I’m of the mind that the editing can be added into the mix later when things like comma placement has a seat in my crowded brain.


2 thoughts on “I know.. Life Journey needs an editor

  1. Yes, write now, maybe edit later …

    My stuff isn’t book publishable stuff either. I’m just enjoying getting the ideas down for now.

    Grammar is overrated. Perfect English grammar is not always an important thing about writing. For books, it’s nice to read great grammar, but for blogs I don’t really care. Also, I think that Shakespeare was horrible at spelling; thus, we all suffer so much now. Anyway …

    keep writing! enjoy writing! find yourself! (screw grammar!)

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