I love music, since I can hear pitch pretty well I like it even better with decent speakers.. It helps me get in touch with the emotions behind the actions when I connect them (courtesy of the PTSD). Its also great for getting the words flowing when I can’t start writing or even speaking. Its a way to experience, to express and to feel for me. The beat and the instruments paint a picture of being, the vocals often tell a story. An well written song is like reading a well written book. It does wonders for the mind.

Techno music is my drug I’ve found these days. Some people listen to classical while they write. I listen to techno. I like it for the trance like quality it often brings when my mind is racing and nothing will calm me down. I also like the productivity it brings me. Then there is dancing to a good house mix. It just brings so much energy. There is no one way to dance to it, not even a style. Just move to the music (quickly). Can you keep up? Can you capture the emotion the beat is projecting and put into dance? It challenges you. I love it. Morgan Page has great mixes (even some slower stuff the is very relaxing to listen to). Tiësto is of course at the top of my favorites list along with Armin Van Buuren, Above and Beyond, Paul Van Dyk and Inna. But with Europe having more influence (FINALLY) on our music over here the top 40 artists are starting to get some house beats in their albums. Jennifer Lopez has a new song that doesn’t even need to be remixed to play in a club. They are finally playing my songs on the radio!

A band that I absolutely love is Within Temptation – a Dutch band. Most Americans have never heard of them but they are quite popular in Europe. For those who are Evanescence fans along with Flyleaf and Lacuna Coil will probably love WT. The mix what could be loosely called Gothic rock with instrumental and even Orchestra overlays. They actually recorded with the Metropole Orchestra for one of their albums. They do their own lyrics and Sharon den Adel (vocalist) has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard-EVER.  The lyrics and tempos of their songs speak to me on a very personal level (I’ll write more about it later) and to this day amaze me.


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