What does one usually blog about?

So I sit here thinking, drinking my tea and enjoying the quiet. The roommate and her stinky cats are gone. I’m going to maximize this alone time I have. I first thought to post some of my poems on here. But upon searching my desktop none of those poems are actually on here.. Oh now I remember I only have hard copies. With the exception of about five they are all at the Farm in Tennessee. Guess its a rain check on those poems for now. So what does one usually blog about? I mean I know people blog about their everyday lives (most do anyway) or some cause they are lobbying for or a subject that motivates them. So what should I blog about? Should I just keep streaming thoughts? Should I write about my day? Should I write about the past? The future? And then I stop. Wait, I’m not blogging for any one reason. I’m blogging to purely write. So it doesn’t matter what I post and when.. (so everything will be haphazard (sorry guys)). Boy I feel bad for the people attempting to read this now..I mean organizing my own brain is hard enough, someone else trying to make sense of my erratic post..eh yea about that…


I’m getting over being sick for the 8th time this season..blah awful I know. So with the loss of my voice and lack of roommate I’ve been quite introverted here of late. I’m always thinking..everybody who knows knows that when I go “hmm” its not because I’ve nothing to say, oh no, it’s because I’m thinking. Right now I’m thinking of how I will improve my living situation AND save money. And then the thoughts of self doubt come creeping in and I wonder if maybe I’m just completely crazy altogether. That’s where I am right now. My little voice is going ‘moron what are you doing?’ I hate it. I really hate feeling small as shit and like I’m screwing up. Maybe I should stop thinking about the future and where I’ll live.. But that doesn’t seem that smart either. So I will keep thinking and see what happens. Yes. That seems smart.


One thought on “What does one usually blog about?

  1. Not only do I have no idea what people write about on ‘blogs’ but I am not entirely clear on blog etiquette either (or how to spell that word, apparently)
    I will suggest, however, if you get stuck, maybe you could write about the landscape, colors, skyscape, things-people-who-have-never-been-to-Alaska-would-be-surprised-to-know stuff. What makes Alaska so different (besides the obvious) and special for you.
    Jenny (n-b-t-A) (‘face’less on the ‘book’ as well)

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