Guess I’ll keep it for a while…

Well Oddly enough I seem to be enjoying this thing thus far. So I guess I’ll keep it awhile. Some things are going to be password locked (Though I’ll happily tell you the magic word) so I don’t have to worry about offending people or gathering stalkers.

I’m sitting on the couch with River as I write and listen to Pandora. Roomie is off to Hawaii and I am enjoying the space! I’m just getting over (okay getting slightly better) being sick for seriously the 8th time this season. I blame lack of sleep and stress! It’s almost one in the morning here (Anchorage Alaska) and its quiet (helps that the roommate’s stinky cats are gone too) in the darkness. I love it. I’m on my own time these days, with a job that doesn’t start until the afternoon I have no set time to “get up”. Course the downside is I never meet anyone for dinner or even a nighttime movie. So I read, write and do whatever comes to mind. Which at the moment is getting this thing up and going.


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