Why a blog

After much thought (and I’m still VERY doubtful of this idea..) I decided I would give this a shot since I find myself writing notes on facebook, sending emails through 2 and 3 accounts (I know I should really take care of that..) and THEN on top of all that, writing letters via snail mail (not that I mind actually) AND making phone calls JUST to keep people in the ‘loop’. Like what state I’m in..what I’m doing, if I still work at the same job, where I live, am I even still alive? I tell you, it gets TIRING. Not because I mind connecting to all the wonderful people in my life, but because of times zones (I’m working with at least four at all times not including when people travel overseas..) my work schedule, their work schedule, the fact that part of my job is putting on a “face” and talking..like the whole time. Yes sometimes I just want to not talk about everyday things..for hours. So..here I am. BLOGGING. Dear god. What am I thinking???


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